The Kenora sawmill is located in Kenora, Ontario, two hours east of Winnipeg. The stud mill is currently closed with plans to re-open. The Kenora sawmill has access to up to 450,000 cubic meters per year of high-quality, northern SPF timber and is equipped to produce up to 100 million board feet (MMBF) per year on 2 shifts of quality SPF (Premium, #1&2, stud grade and MSR grades focused on PET 8-9′ lumber products). 

The sawmill and related equipment and lands are approximately 114 acres. The sawmill sits on a 42-acre site leaving over 72 acres of undeveloped lakefront land in the attractive Lake-of-the-Woods region. The sawmill is located near major transportation routes, including the Trans-Canada Highway and the main Canadian Pacific rail line, providing easy access to the nearby Canadian-United States border and several key Midwest U.S. markets, including Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis and Dallas.